Traditional Montenegrin Dishes You Need to Try

Montenegro is just a small country but it comes with delicious flavours you ought to try. It ranges from garlicky seafood to ultimately delicious dishes in the mountain. Every region in Montenegro has its own delicacy making Montenegro a wholesome country when it comes to food. Read on and learn what this country has to offer when it comes to food.

Njegusi Proscuitto 

Njegusi town is the home of Montenegrin prosciutto. Consistently sightseers and local people the same take the drive up the Serpentine Road with 25 barrette goes to get their fix of Njegusi prosciutto in Njegusi town. The atmosphere and height consolidate to make the ideal conditions for making prosciutto here. Entire pig rear legs are pressed in salt for three weeks, at that point they’re hung to dry for three additional weeks. 

Njeguski Steak 

Previous Yugoslav president Tito’s private cook, Milovan Stojanovic, got a big showdown gold award for his dish, Njeguski Steak in 1986. One nibble and it’s undeniable why this has become a Montenegrin example. The steak is made of a veal or pork schnitzel loaded up with Njegusi prosciutto and cheddar. The best ones accompany a liberal dab of softening kajmak, a neighborhood cream cheddar. 


All seaside Montenegrins grow up cherishing buzara. Shellfish, prawns and shrimps are cooked in either a red or white sauce. The red sauce is made with red wine, onions, tomatoes, spices and flavors. The white sauce is viewed as an artistic expression and is made with white wine. Montenegrins love just to concoct an immense pot of buzara on a late spring night and welcome every one of their companions over. 

Ispod Saca 

Ispod saca is the Balkans’ variant of a decent Sunday broil. Meat, normally veal, sheep or goat, is cooked with potatoes, carrots, onions, possibly a tomato and a touch of paprika under a metal vault secured with coals. The finger-licking result is tumble off-the-bone delicate meat and delicious vegetables. This is an unquestionable requirement attempt in Montenegro and it’s the ideal end to a day of boating in the Tara Canyon. 

Dark Risotto 

A beachfront strength, dark risotto gets its celebrated dark tone from cuttlefish ink. A great dark risotto likewise has inconspicuous kinds of white wine, inlet, garlic and nutmeg. It’s an unquestionable requirement to attempt while on seaside Montenegro, however keep an eye out, dark risotto likewise turns your teeth dark!

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